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Bio-Fresh Bio-HD Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Litre

Bio-Fresh Bio-HD Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Litre

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Commercial strength bio-enzymatic cleaner suitable for use on floors, walls and most hard surfaces where heavy and ingrained soiling is most common.


  • Breaks down heavy soiling
  • Keeps on working after application
  • Less work required
  • Harnessing the power of Nature
  • Naturally biodegradable



Hard Surface Spray & Wipe/Light Cleaning

  1. Dilute at 2% solution (1:48, 20ml or 4tsp per litre) with warm or cold fresh tap water.
  2. Spray and leave on stained area.
  3. Thoroughly rinse all food contact areas before use.

Hard Surface/Medium Soiling

  1. Dilute at 5% solution (1:19, 50ml or 1/5 cup per 1 litre) with warm or cold fresh tap water.
  2. Mop over surfaces.
  3. Squeegee off, leaving a fine layer of product to allow enzymes to continue working.

Heavy Duty Soiling

  1. Dilute at a 10% solution (1:9, 100ml or 2/5 cup per 1 litre) with cold or warm fresh tap water.
  2. Apply with a foam-spray head or mop onto floors and surfaces.
  3. Agitate with a stiff clean brush and allow product to sit for an extended period of 10-30 minutes before additional agitation.
  4. Rinse or squeegee off.
  5. Repeat use of this product will continue to lift ingrained soiling and oils.

Toilet Cleaning



  1. Dose 50ml (undiluted) directly to toilet bowl and flush daily to also assist maintain healthy septic systems.

Shock Dose:

  1. Use 500ml (1/2 litre, 2 cups) for odorous or blocked septic systems.
  2. Repeat for 4 days and then apply 50ml (1/5 cup) daily maintenance dose.


Food Plants: Bio-Fresh products are designed to rid areas of typical plate count problems; floor and other wider environmental areas are not likely to have swabs/plate count results compromised. All MPI facility-based operators should rinse prior to swabbing.