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Nationwide Cleaning Products | Spray & Away Moss&Mould Remover 2 x 5lts with BONUS 2 Litre

Spray & Away Moss&Mould Remover 2 x 5lts with BONUS 2 Litre

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This 5 litres of cleaner is so easy to use.
Just spray it on and and walk away.
Kills moss, mould, lichen, green slime, mildew, algae and fungi.
Ideal for paths, driveways, brickwork, fences, camping gear, patios, pools, porches, roofs, shower curtains, walls, eaves, caravans, boats, hot tubs, masonry, awnings, garden furniture, guttering, landscape rocks, tombstones, tiles, tennis courts, fibrolite, plaster, downpipes, statues, boats, caravans,
plastic glasshouses, moss on lawns, spa pools, trellising, corrugated iron, decramastic and coloursteel rooving..
Dilutes 5 parts water to one part Spray & Away making 30 litres.
For areas that are always damp strengthen the dilution at 4 parts water to one part Spray & Away.
Covers approx 100 - 150sqm depending how bad the area is.

This is probably the best moss & mould killer on the market.
Contains Alkyl Benzalkonium Chloride.

  • Benzalkonium Chloride Offers Strong Detergency & Rapid, Safe, Powerful Antimicrobial activity at low ppm 
  • Benzalkonium Chloride based Disinfectants are Non-toxic, Non-tainting & Odour-free at use dilutions 

  • Benzalkonium Chloride displays a high level of Biodegradability when tested in accordance with OECD Test Protocol 301C 
  • Compatible with Non-ionic, Ampholytic and Cationic surface-active agents 
  • Alternative CAS No for Benzalkonium Chloride: 8001-54-5 UN No:1760
  •

Spray and Away is NOT a bleach.
Spray & Away IS biodegradable.
Spray & Away is safe on plants, just rinse before after spraying. Don't spray near fish.
Allow 3 - 4 hours of dry weather after spraying. Spraying in mornings or late afternoons 
gets the best results.

REMEMBER waterblasting tends to bruise the surface you are trying to clean making it in the
end more receptive to moss & mould spores returning and growing.

Black mould (tiger mould) can take many weeks to finally disappear so patience is the key!

This product is guaranteed to work!