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Cherry Bombs Urinal Blocks 3kg & Scented Pee Mat

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Comprises of a Scented Pee Mat and a 3kg of Cherry Bombs. More Pee Mats can be supplied.

Sit the Cherry Bomb on the mat and create a great smelling urinal.

CHERRY BOMBS are perfume blocks primarily for the use in urinals and areas harboring unpleasant odours. CHERRY BOMBS contain an effective deodoriser and bactericide.
No more strong odours!
CHERRY BOMBS have been engineered to completely dissolve over time without leaving a drain clogging lump behind like traditional urinal blocks.
Main Features & Benefits: Paradichlorobenzene Free Active Bactericide and Deodoriser Pleasant Cherry Perfume
CHERRY BOMBS are “non-Paradichlorobenzene (CAS# 106-46-7)” based.

CHERRY BOMBS do not contain Paradichlorobenzene.
Paradichlorobenzene is suspected of causing cancer, based on standard international HSNo guidance and classification, and may also cause damage to body organs. Paradichlorobenzene is somewhat volatile and toxic effects from inhalation also occur.
It is very toxic to aquatic life, hazardous to human health and has significant environmental effect.