EPIC™ Leather Coat 3.78 Litre 260601

EPIC™ Leather Coat 3.78 Litre 260601

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EPIC™ Leather Coat is here to save your leather and vinyl from liquid spills, clothing colour transfer, and the harsh effects of the sun.

EPIC™ Leather Coat cleans and protects leather and vinyl surfaces. This formula forms a protective barrier that helps resist staining and allows for easier clean-up of contaminants.

EPIC™ Leather Coat provides a satin-gloss finish.

Epic™ Leather Coat is very versatile and can be used on boats, RV's, home furniture, shoes and more.

Features & Benefits:

* This polymer-based coating creates a hydrophobic barrier on most porous surfaces.
* Helps to prevent staining from dyes like colored beverages or in clothing like jeans.
* Liquid and food spills are repelled and become easier to clean up.
* Acts as a moisture or moisturizing barrier that keeps your leather feeling soft, supple and clean for longer.
* UV inhibitors prevent long-term drying and cracking caused by age and sun exposure.