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Fast Foam Cleaner & Sanitiser 3 Litre

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Fast Foam – Easy Click and Go!
Fast Foam is a brand new cleaning and sanitising dilution unit – 3L device that is used simply by plugging onto a regular garden-hose fitting. The unit auto dilutes, foaming to the surface and then switches to rinsing with the press of a button.
Concentrated = low cost in use. makes a massive 600LTRS of diluted solution**.
Disposable = no investment in costly gear or messy FREE ON LOAN arrangements
Accurate = no waste and sanitising confidence
Robust and durable = less breakage and cleaning down-time
Plugs into regular hose fitting = easy to use and operate
MPI Approved = fits with current and new Food Control Plan legislation
Fast Foam is the perfect cleaning and sanitising dilution unit for when periodic cleans are needed, or when a remote location doesn’t easily allow for a regular cleaning or sanitising product to be foamed. It’s also really good for smaller sites that want the assurance of an automatic dilution control unit, but don’t go through enough product to warrant the cost of free-on-loan equipment.

* Providing 300PPM FAC
** Providing 500PPM FAQ

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