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Floor Cushion Foot Drainage Mat 900 x 900mm Black

Floor Cushion Foot Drainage Mat 900 x 900mm Black

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The premium Cushion Foot Mat is an all-purpose mat featuring drainage holes throughout the mat that drains falling liquids.

Made of grease resistant rubber, the mat is less affected by grease, oils and detergents. Its multi-nib backing ensures exceptional foot comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness.

Top of the range anti-fatigue cushion foot flooring solution, this nitrile based rubber mat is designed with drainage holes throughout ensuring that any falling liquids are channeled away and not left underfoot where they could become a safety hazard.

Key Features:

  • Modular pieces can easily be joined in both directions.
  • Can be edged with the Cushion Foot Ramps.
  • Avaialable in Black.
  • Ramps available in black and yellow.
  • Keeps feet dry in wet environments.

Perfect for:
Commercial kitchens, butcher shops, food processing facilities, abbatoirs, cold rooms, machine shops and industrial work areas.

Slip Resistance, Anti Fatigue, Oil Resistant, Suitable for wet areas.