Nationwide Cleaning Products | Glass Window Cleaner Hose Pack 2.5 Litre See-Through

Glass Window Cleaner Hose Pack 2.5 Litre See-Thru

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For streak and spot free finish of your exterior windows. 
Clip onto your garden hose. 
Microfibre mop included!!  
Will dispense to up to 6m depending on water pressure, 
Before attaching to hose ensure both valves are in the vertical off position. 
Make sure windows are closed. Rinse off plants before and after 
Turn on the red water inlet valve to the horizontal on position and test 
water throw. Point sprayer at area to be cleaned then fully turn on black 
valve to the horizontal on position. 
Apply in a sweeping side to side motion taking care not to leave 
untreated spots. 
Then mop the entire window with the microfibre sleeve ensuring dirty 
spots are well agitated. 
Finally hose off with water within five minutes. Work from top to bottom 
without applying excessive water.