Grease Trap Treatment Bio-GT 5 Litre

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Biological Wastewater & Grease Trap Treatment
A unique formulation of active bacteria for treating grease traps, septic tanks, and other odour control applications. BIO-G.T. is suitable for food and process operations and general commercial use. BIO-G.T. utilises
a proprietary blend of specialist and environmentally friendly surfactants and active bacterial agents.
Grease traps: Add 1Ltr initially, then either manually or auto-dose 100ml per day, at the completion of daily activity directly to grease trap entry port or down the drain hole.
Odour control: Spray directly onto affected areas at a ratio of 1:10-1:50 with fresh water.
Septic tanks: Charge system with 4Ltrs, and then add 500ml weekly for every 4 people using the system.
APPEARANCE Yellow Liquid
FRAGRANCE No Fragrance
pH 5-8 (100%)
MICROCIDE Active Bacteria