Green Rhino Toilet Disinfectant Cleaner - Select Your Size

Green Rhino Toilet Disinfectant Cleaner - Select Your Size

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Green Rhino Toilet Disinfectant Cleaner combines acids and disinfectants to whiten and deodorise toilet bowls in one easy step. Although a toilet bowl cleaner, it can diluted to be used for general bathroom cleaning.

• Cleans, disinfects and deodorise in one easy step
• Effective and powerful
• Multipurpose, can be used on different surfaces of the bathroom
• Proudly made in New Zealand

• For toilets and urinals
• Can also be used in different areas in the bathroom/washroom like floors, tiles, walls, benches, taps, fittings, showers and baths.
• Safe to use on plastic, stainless steel, ceramic and glass.

• Hospitality - hotels, motels, holiday parks, resorts, casinos, pubs, restaurants and cafes, entertainment venues and function centres
• Education - daycare centres, schools, colleges and universities
• Offices, shopping centres, residential homes
• Health - hospitals, rest homes / aged care centres

Toilets and Urinals:
Spray under the rim and around the bowl, or urinal. Scrub the bowl or urinal with a toilet brush and leave for 15-20 minutes before flushing.
General Bathroom Cleaning:
Dilute up to 4 parts of water for light maintenance. Spray onto the surface to be cleaned and agitate with a soft brush or cleaning cloth. Allow it to sit on the surface for as long as possible without drying and then rinse thoroughly with water.