Green Rhino Toilet Seat Sanitiser 5 Litre

Green Rhino Toilet Seat Sanitiser 5 Litre

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Green Rhino Toilet Seat Sanitizer is NZFSA C32 approvedGreen Rhino Toilet Seat Sanitizer is 100% Made in New Zealand
Green Rhino Toilet Seat Sanitizer provides users of the restroom with the extra confidence of cleanliness when using the facilities.It kills 99.9% of germs and dries quickly. Your guests and patrons can just simply spray onto toilet paper and wipe down the seat before use to disinfect and clean the toilet seat in one easy step.

• Effective sanitizer against germs
• Simple and easy to use, just spray and wipe
• Dries quickly
• Proudly made in New Zealand

MPI Approved C 32 (All animal products except dairy)

Toilets, public restrooms

• Hospitality - hotels, motels, holiday parks, resorts, and apartments
• Education - schools, colleges and universities
• Residential homes
• Health - hospitals, rest homes / aged care centres, medical clinics
• Offices

Apply a coin sized amount of Green Rhino Toilet Seat Sanitizer to your toilet tissue and wipe toilet seat until dry.