Haaga Floor Sweeper Battery Powered Model 697

Haaga Floor Sweeper Battery Powered Model 697

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Highly Efficient, Easy To Operate

Light weight for easy use
Grabs debris in front and deposits into the rear.

Patented Turbo Sweeping System

966mm clearing path sweeps twice with one motion
Twin front brushes rotate in opposite direction grabbing debris
Brush roller on bottom picks up finer particles
Side rollers sweep along walls

50 Litre Container

Opens and empties with ease
Just pop the latch and dump the debris you have picked up

Easy To Store

Stand up storage design takes up little space

Outstanding Warranty

4 year warranty on brushes
2 year warranty overall


  • Battery powered with a runtime up to 2 hours that can also be used as a manual push sweeper without the battery to finish any cleaning task if running on low power.
  • Isweep technology allows all the gears in the Haaga sweeper to be self lubricating, without wear. This creates more durability and a longer life cycle for each gear.