Presta Ultra Cutting Creme 3kg 131905

Presta Ultra Cutting Creme 3kg 131905

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An aggressive compound developed to remove 1200 grit and finer scratches from soft & aged paint. This advanced formula makes compounding ultra-high solid clears faster & much easier. Contains no fillers,waxes or silicones.

Directions: Buff at 1800-2200 rpm. Diminishing abrasives round as you buff to help polish away swirls and compounding scratches. Wipe surface clean with a microfibre cloth.


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Presta’s compounds are formulated without silicones, waxes or fillers. The benefits are twofold: they will not cause paint contamination problems in body shops and scratches will not reappear. Malco has a wide variety of polishes to meet the jobspecific needs of today’s automotive professional.