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Super Death To Flies DEAL

Super Death To Flies DEAL

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Comprises of 

2 Litre Green Reaper Concentrate (makes 12 Litres)

Fly Bag for outside

Use on Flies, Spiders, Mosquitos, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Carpet Beetles, Moths etc

Eliminate common insects and pests without the fear of danger to pets and children with professional strength Green Reaper Concentrate. Featuring a unique blend of botanicals such as citronella and eucalyptus, and an effective but safe concentration of Permethrin, Green Reaper adheres to surfaces for months after application to continuously control pest populations. This water-based insecticide is 100% EPA approved and contains no harmful filler ingredients.

Spray on mattresses for Bed Bugs. Make up your own flyspray in a spray bottle!
1 part: Green Reaper Concentrate
5 equal parts: Water


      • Mimics Naturally Occurring Compounds     • Professional Strength

    • Water Based Insecticide with No Harmful Fillers

    • Safe around Children & Household Pets

    • Proven Efficacy    • Rapid Results     • Indoor & Outdoor Use

    • Broad Spectrum     • Fully EPA Approved

    • Stays Active for Months     • 100% New Zealand made

    • No Handlers License Required to buy

How to use:

Green Reaper Concentrate can be applied all year round. Shake bottle well before use. Using a backpack or pump sprayer dilute 1 part concentrate to 5 equal parts water. Spray a light mist to hard surfaces, cracks and crevices in and around buildings to the point of run-off and allow too dry. Spray can be applied to most indoor outdoor surfaces where insects land, crawl or come together. Avoid any contact with treated surfaces until completely dry. Areas exposed to sunlight will need to be treated more often as direct sunlight breaks down applications (completely). Re-apply as and when required. 


Where to Use:

Green Reaper insecticide can be applied to most indoor and outdoor surfaces where creepy crawlies land, crawl or come together (e.g. Around windows including sills, on skirting boards, floors, walls, carpets, ceilings, around light fittings, behind stoves, sink’s and pipes. It can also be applied to eaves, barbecue areas, patios, weatherboards, decks, painted areas, and around property perimeter). NOTE - Porous surfaces may need a second treatment once the first treatment has been allowed to dry. Non-staining product to most surfaces. Always test on a discrete area before full use.



A single-use,non-toxic, disposable fly trap containing a food-based attractant. Highly effective with the capacity to capture up to 20,000 flies. When full, screw cap on and dispose of in normal waste. Contains 1 Fly Bag Trap and 1 suspension string. 

Effective for many types of nuisance flies including blue bottle, green bottle and blow flies. Flies are a nuisance during summer and are a hygiene concern due to their carrying and transferring of disease-causing bacteria and parasites. They frequent food preparation and serving areas, rubbish bin areas and areas with farm animals where they scavenge for foodstuffs. 

Directions for Use: 
Take the fly bag and unscrew the lid so the bag hangs from it. Holding the lid of the fly bag, fill the fly bag with water from the tap up to the fill line marked on it. 
Hang the trap vertically by the twist tie attached to the lid in a suitable outdoor position, preferably in the sun and out of the way of food/animals. Ideally near where the flies are coming from (if known). 
Ensure that the trap is held securely in place by the twist wrap and onto the item that the trap is hung from. Where large numbers of traps are used, place the traps about 10m apart. This distance should be reduced in areas of particularly high insect activity. Once hung, squeeze the bag a few times to aid mixing of the active. The bags may need to be squeezed a couple of times every few days to break up any coagulation of proteins that may form on the surface of the liquid.