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Wasp Trap and 1 Litre of Wasp Lure Formulation

Wasp Trap and 1 Litre of Wasp Lure Formulation

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Easy set and refillable. Attractive to wasps, not bees. 
A reusable wasp trapping system.. Highly effective with the capacity to capture hundreds of wasps. 
Tip: Use in high summer months to control active wasp populations and also in winter months to control queen wasps, preventing population growth. 

The lure is non-toxic so it will not kill the wasps it only attracts them into the trap, then they drown in the liquid.. Use fly spray to kill the wasps once in the trap. 
The lure has been proven in the field by bee keepers that the lure DOES NOT ATTRACT BEES. 
Unlock the Wasp Dome Trap, pour in 250ml of NoPests® Wasp Lure. 
Lock Wasp Dome Trap lid to the closed position. 
Locate trap in direct sunlight in areas where wasps frequent, using hanging cord provided. 

Replace lure monthly, or when levels drop due to evaporation. 
If the dome trap is full and there is no free liquid, remove contents and rinse with clean water before refilling with NoPests® Wasp Lure. Ensure no Lure is spilt on the outside of the dome trap.