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WeedKiller CERTIFIED Organic Interceptor 5 Litre New Dilution Rate

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Now dilutes at 10% Interceptor to 90% water for emerging weeds
and 20% Interceptor to 80% water for established weeds.
Pine oil base. 
Pine oil base. 
Fast knockdown 
Non toxic 
Controls over three thousand weed species 
Controls glyphosate tolerant and resistant weeds. 
non systemic  can be used in delicate areas and right throughout crop cycle 
non toxic  zero withholding period on food crops 
removes the risk of a positive residue test from produce supplied for export 
increases sustainability rating 
has NO withholding period on food crops 
has NO withholding period for pets and livestock 
is a certified organic input for organic farms 
does not harm soil microbia 
has no effect on birds, bees and earthworm populations 
has zero soil residue ,dissolves into a naturally occurring oxide in 72 hours
is pH neutral on application 
is a carbon positive product ,you are putting long chain carbons back into the soil.