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Biomagic Waste Tank Treatment - Select Your Size

Biomagic Waste Tank Treatment - Select Your Size

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Suitable for treating waste in cassettes and small portable toilets, BioMagic Waste Tank Treatment is a non-toxic and 100% biodegradable treatment.


For black & grey water

Instantly removes odour
Breaks down waste fast
Non staining
Safe on the skin
No chemical smell
Septic tank safe

DOES NOT CONTAIN Formaldehyde, Bronopol (A formaldehyde release agent), Ethanediol, Biocides, Poisons, Bacteria or Enzymes.

Biomagic works with nature by promoting aerobic bacterial activity and suppressing anaerobic bacterial activity.

This creates an environment that enables fast waste break-down without any odours. BioMagic is completely consumed by the bacteria, and no nasty chemicals are added to the environment.

This is why BioMagic treated waste can be put into septic tanks or long drops

PRE-TREATMENT: Thoroughly rinse out any previously used chemicals.

FIRST DOSE: Add ~50ml and about 2L of water to the empty tank via the bowl.

(This should last until normal emptying time for 2 people using a 20L cassette).

RE-DOSE: BioMagic is consumed by the bacteria. If the BioMagic has been used

up, and the odour returns, simply add more BioMagic as required. Adjust for odour.

TOP TANK: We recommend adding 50ml of BioMagic to help keep the system

treated with every flush.

GREY WATER: Add approx 100ml of BioMagic to 100L of grey water via the

sink / shower drains to eliminate odour.

DO NOT USE WITH OTHER CHEMICALS  such as top tank, bleach, or any

biocide, as this will stop BioMagic from working.     

*5L is enough for 100 doses of 50ml for a 20L cassette, or treats 2000L of waste for up to 3 days, or more depending on toilet use and environmental factors.     

CONTAINS: Water, Oxidant Source, Nutrients, Fragrance

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Poisons, Biocides, Bleach, Formaldehyde, Bronopol, Bacteria