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CONVOY MonstaWash – Concentrated Fleet Cleaner 2 Litre - Makes 20 Litres

CONVOY MonstaWash – Concentrated Fleet Cleaner 2 Litre - Makes 20 Litres

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A 2L pack makes 20L

MonstaWash is an ultra-concentrated truck wash product. It represents a revolutionary approach to traditional truck and fleet cleaning. Developed and successfully tested right here in NZ over the last 3 years, it uses a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants in creating an ultra-concentrate product. Monstawash delivers an economy and efficiency point unrivaled in the market.

MonstaWash is essentially a 10 times as strong as traditional fleet wash products. All that means is you dilute 1:9 with water and then use as you normally would.

Features & Benefits

  • Revolutionary truck wash product
  • Leaves vehicles with a gleaming finish
  • Ultra-concentrate
  • Highly dilutable
  • Non-DG in use
  • Excellent cost-per-wash
  • Reduces packaging waste
  • Saves on storage space & reduces handling
  • How Environmental or ‘green’ is it?

    MonstaWash is quite green. In many respects the product offer meets a number of ‘green’ qualities, in some exceptional ways.

    • Biodegradable – MonstaWash is fully biodegradable under published OECD and EU biodegradability standards
    • Packaging and labelling – All recyclable HDPE Type 2
    • Concentrated formula – Helps to reduce freight, creating a better, more efficient platform for global sustainability
    • Small pack sizes – Means easy storage and safer handling (lifting)
    • Support material – QR code for easy step-by-step instructions