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Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax 946ml

Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax 946ml

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Flash is a liquefied paste wax manufactured with premium, natural Carnauba wax and DuPont Zonyl®. This easy-to-apply product dries quickly and comes off easily, resulting in a deep, long-lasting gloss. When you need a great finish in a hurry, get it done fast with Flash

Directions: Shake well both before & during use to ensure outstanding results. Apply product to surface with a wax pad. Let product dry to a haze. Entire vehicle may be treated before wiping off haze with a clean, soft cloth.


Protection: 30 Days

Durability: 5 / 8
Ease of Use: 8 / 8

There is often confusion over the difference between polish and wax. Polish is used to deepen gloss and reflection while wax provides hard shell protection to keep it that way. The best system is the 3 step system. CUT (remove swirls, scratches) POLISH (add gloss, depth) PROTECT (keep it looking good).