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Vacuum Dust Bags 5 Pack Miele, Hoover 16012 FILTA F033

Vacuum Dust Bags 5 Pack Miele, Hoover 16012 FILTA F033

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Maintain your vacuum and keep your home or office clean with the Filta Vacuum Cleaner Bags to suit NZ vacuum cleaners. The unique SMS multi layered technology provides superior dust capture, ensuring you are always sucking up dirt and dust keeping your home or office clean

Applicable Models

6320 Cat & Dog Turbo,

BLACK JEWEL,CAT & DOG,CLASSIC: C1, S 8310 Classic, Family Rounder, S 8320

Cat & Dog Turbo, S 8360 Hard Floor, C1 Powerline,COMFORT: C3 Comfort TotalCare Powerline,COMPACT: C1 Young Style Powerline, C2 Powerline, C2 Allergy Powerline, C2 Cat & Dog, Powerline, C2 Hard Floor Powerline,COMPLETE: C1 Powerline, C2 Powerline,

C3 Turbo Powerline, C3 HardFloor Powerline, C3 Boost, Boost Ecoline, C3 Brilliant, C3 Cat & Dog, Powerline, C3 Comfort, C3 Comfort Total Care Electro, C3 Comfort ElectroPlus, C3 Comfort Total Care, C3 Family All-rounder, C3 Hard Floor, C3 Allergy Powerline,

DUOFLEX: 2000, 4000,ECO: S2 Ecoline, S2 Eco Comfort S 2110-S 2130,

FAMILY CARETAKER,Freemotion Allergy Care 2283, Freemotion Pure Air TSB2223,ORIGINAL: F, J, M, GHN, GN Series,PARQUET,PREMUIM: S 8590 Premuim 8 Uniq, S 8790 Premium Total Care,S 2100-2130, S 4000–4999, S 5000–5999, S5311+SBB, S5981+SEB217, S 6320, S 6330, S 8360, S 8790 Hepa,S 227–246, S 247–256, S 269–284, S 290–299, S 300–399, S 400–499, S 500–599, S 600–699, S 700–799, S 800–899,

S 5 Premio Plus, S 5781,S 6 Pure Air, S 8 Uniq,TOTAL CARE,WHITE PEARL,