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White Angel Bleach Kemsol 5 Litre

White Angel Bleach Kemsol 5 Litre

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Stabilised Commercial Chlorine Bleach High-strength bleach suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Effective as a cleaner and also as a powerful chlorine sanitiser. Effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and algae.


For laundry applications use at a ratio of 1:20 (5% solution, 50ml per litre) with potable cold or warm water.

For kitchen and bathrooms wet mop or wipe at a ratio of 1:50 (2% solution, 20ml per litre).

For outdoor hard surfaces use at a ratio of 1:5 to 1:1 (20% - 50% solution) with potable water. Never use on wool or silk, and not recommended for use on coloured or sensitive garments as streaking, fading or other deterioration could result.

GOOD PRACTICE Under Good Practice Protocol based on accepted international research a 1% solution of this product diluted with potable water is recommended with liberal application on clean hard surfaces with a minimum contact time of 5 minutes. At this concentration the product provides 350PPM FAC

PROPERTIES APPEARANCE Clear Pale Yellow Liquid FRAGRANCE No Fragrance pH 11.0 (@1% solution) BACTERICIDE 350ppm FAC (@1% soln)

KITCHENS Bench top & floors LAUNDRIES Stain removal BATHROOMS Vanities & floors OUTDOORS Driveways & decks