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How To Clean The Carpet When The Dog Or Cat Pisses (or snake)

When that horror of horror happens and the house reeks of piss. Especially cat piss in a hot room.

Here's what  to do.

Soak up what you can with handy towels pressing down firmly.

Spray our ODARID Pet Stain & Odour Remover on the area. If smell persists you have missed some and spray again.

Here's NOT what to do.

Use vinegar and baking soda. You need to break down the salt crystals which are causing the stink. This mix works a bit but it won't treat it 100%.

Use soda water. Even worse result than above.

Get out the carpet shampoo machine, Um, no. You will spread the piss even further under the carpet.

The more experimental products you use the more chance of making any stain made by the pee permanent.