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what cleaning products are suitable for septic tanks?

We have a whole category on cleaning products for this. see

How do I get rid of the smell of cat pee?

Our famous Odarid pet stain & odour remover will almost instantly get rid of the smell as long as you get it on  the salt crystals and uric acid.

What cleaning product is popular with Crest Cleaning?

Our Pronto thickened bleach is used by them for cleaning and disinfecting most hard surfaces. Dilutes right down.

Which cleaning products not to mix?

We don't recommend mixing any cleaning products as this changes the formulation and they won't work as designed.

What cleaning products do I need?

Well we have one that is a spray&wipe, a disinfectant, a floor cleaner and dilutes to 30:1 and is biodegradable  and is used by commercial cleaners because of all these attributes. see

Do you have products that contain ammonia?

Yes we do, our Cloudy Ammonia

and our See Thru window cleaner for extra cleaning power


Can I use Green Reaper inside?

Yes! Fill a spray bottle with a mist function with diluted Green Reaper (directions on the bottle) and spray around the lights, and any other edges or ledges where flies hang out. Hint: look for fly crap and spray around there! You only need a light spray – this stuff is super effective. And that’s it! Your work is done. By the next day, there will be no flies landing on your morning latte.


How does Spray & Away compare to other well-known brands?

We have an extra ingredient in the mix of our famed Nationwide cleaning product that has a reactivation effect following rainfalls. A lot of the cheaper mixes only work for the initial application. We’ve created our products to be cost-efficient, time-saving, and to provide the best results with our commercial clients in mind.


How do you keep your prices so low?

We pride ourselves on pricing our products fairly, without compromising on quality. By selling bulk cleaning products direct to our customers, we can keep our products affordable. We also don’t have annoying TV commercials to pay for…

Do you have a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner?

Like a bat outta hell, Shower Demon takes down any scum that gets in its way. Calcium stains and mucky sinks don’t stand a chance! Simply spray surfaces according to directions, leave for 5mins, and then wipe down with a damp cloth. This kind of cleaning product is not found on supermarket shelves and our commercial cleaning customers love it!

You can try any of our other bathroom cleaning products too. Shower Power and Citrus Shower both have a long-lasting fragrance that’ll fancy up your bathroom, and work wonders on both tile and grout to get your bathroom glowing.

Do you have a product for stopping moss and mould?

Spray & Away not only strips moss and mould without harsh scrubbing and discolouring, it also helps prevent moss and mould growing back again. And it really is that simple – and effective! Simply apply Spray & Away on the surfaces that need treating, and leave it be. That’s it.

For your wooden outdoor areas, we have Show Us Your Deck, our specially formulated Nationwide cleaning product that works in the same way as Spray & Away. Moss and mould on decks can be dangerous, and no one like a slippery deck! Save your back – and your back pocket – and trade your stiff bristled broom for Show Us Your Deck.

Are your products only available to commercial cleaners?

Anyone can purchase and use Nationwide Cleaning Products, and by buying directly from us in bulk, you’ll be saving money, and time on cleaning! With our quality cleaning products shipped straight to your door, you don’t even need to leave home to get you cleaning under control.