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From Patel  18/1/23 on Jasons Housewash

Wow this stuff made cleaning my house so easy and back to its original look when I brought it. Thank you. Highly recommend to others.

From Jon 22/11/2021 on the Enviopaste

love the product we use it at work now i use this during my house cleans. fast shipping awsome work thanks

From Tracey 12/8/21 on the Express Spray & Away 5litre Refill 

Been using this spray for a few years on my roof best spray i have ever used plus fast delivery

From Keri 12/08/21  on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

wow the chemical is amazing! instant results, thanx Ian. was awesome to meet you and I will be back for more products in future. cheers

from Mike 4/8/2021

Received the Pullman CD1203 today, with bags and complimentary shower bastard.
Thank you for the excellent service !!! So rare to find in NZ these days
I am rapt in the vaccy, it's a beauty and works well.
You can rest assured I will put the good word around about your company with family and friends and I'll be back for other gear
Very best wishes

from Paul on the Pet Stain & Odour Remover

A+++, quick delivery and great communications. Great after sales service. Very pleased with the product, Thanks

from Jiodornia on the Hoover Filter Set

Excellent customer service !!! Fast and easy thank you 

from Samia on the Pullman PV900 Commander Vacuum Bags

awesome product service and deliver on time score 5/5


from Paul on the Super Gulper Vacuum Head

Great trader. very very helpful. very happy with the products. friendly helpful service with a smile. definitely buy off this trader you'll be very pleased 

We have purchased Spray @ Away and Powa - Kleen. I firstly used Spray & AwayHello,

to remove the moss and mould off my deck my wife was really not sold at the

time. I applied the product to the deck as per the instructions the next morning we both realised the difference this product had made. The deck looked so fresh and clean, the green stains had disappeared. The amazing thing is the instructions say the best results will be any time up to 14 days.

There is no doubt this is a great product.

The Powa - Klean is also so effective I cleaned our large blow up pool that

had mold and grime all over it after sitting around all year. I thought the paddling pool was ready to be thrown out. Powa - Kleen desloved all the stains and dirt and the pool is actually like new. I also cleaned the house

and our car with ease as this product degreased and cleaned everything so

well. I was amased to see the dirt just come off so easy. The actual end result is the cleaners are over and above our expectations.

We are very happy and will purchase other products from your ranges. We will

give you feed back on those also.

Thanks for your help.



Spray & Away is the same as Wet & Forgett but 1/3 of the price, you'd be mad not to buy this product

great orange cleaner, fastest delivery ever! friendly, thanks!


Tried it on my own shower door first - had been installed at least 5 years prior to me moving in and was totally opaque, now almost crystal clear!!



I'm allergic to so many detergents, so am always hesitant to try something new. This sounded pretty good though, and the price was right, so thought I'd give it a go. Sorry, ecco store, but you are now second best - this stuff is awesome. Gets the grubby's out, smells nice, and best of all I don't react to it! Ian is so nice to deal with, too with very quick delivery. Highly recommended to all. Aaaaa+++++ 

We purchased your 100% natural Headlice Control Duo Pack.

This product REALLY DOES WORK!!, It is the only product that I have used that not only kills the hatched nits but also removes the shell that is normally impossible to comb out. The product also smells great and leaves the kids hair in excellent condition.

I look forward to trying some of your other many products.

Thanks again H7 Limited.

The Hydes Family

Re WOW Deodouriser
 I live in  Northland where it has been very wet for the last couple of months and everything in my home smelt mouldy even though it had not actually been wet.  I sprayed all my carpet with wow as  soon as your parcel arrived and the difference is amazing. The mouldy mildew smell has completely gone.  I will certainly be back for more when this bottle runs out.

Excellent trader to deal with,exceptional products,fast delivery

I was initially a little apprehenisve about giving H7s Spray & away moss & mould killer a go because it was considerably cheaper than \"wet & forget\" so I was concerned about the quality -but after using the moss & mould product I can definitely highly recommend it! Means more time enjoying a beer on the weekends as opposed to waterblastering down the drive way.Thanks Lyndon

"This is an open letter for the makers of Organic Interceptor confirming the successful trialing and safe use of their product by the Waiheke Island Community Awareness of Pesticides (CAP), and Waiheke ME, Multiple Chemical Sensitive, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Group.

This is to state that all of the 11 people present, (see details below) five considered themselves to be severely chemically sensitive. Not one of those five people, or any of the others involved in the trials displayed any effects -ill or otherwise- at the time of spraying. There was no later chemical impact either, which given the nature of such people around the spray site is quite remarkable. After being given the assurance by the makers of the product being tested that all the ingredients were organic, I decided to stay close to the operation while in progress, and can report that as a MCS person I also experienced no ill effects from the spraying.

Not only was there no effect on the humans present, but on investigation, there was also no adverse impact whatsoever on any insect or other life other than what was actually sprayed. Flowers and vegetables were growing adjacent to the weeds being sprayed. I looked at the sprayed sites daily for wilt or control of anything other than the targeted weeds. I could find none after three weeks. While each of the operations (three) was in progress, there was no sign of any spray mist onto non-target species. All present were impressed at the quick (within minutes) "brown off" of the sprayed weeds and the recorded "control" of many common varieties of weeds."

Organic Interceptor has been applied to weeds growing on our property over the last six months. We used the product to treat kikuyu, couch, plantain, dandelion, marsh weed, ragwort, paspalum, dock and some young gorse. Within hours of spraying, the plants were changing colour and died shortly after. More spraying was done on mature gorse which died over three or four days, and even now is still brown. I have not noticed regrowth on the gorse, and the other plants' regrowth is no faster than that which is sprayed with chemicals. Most plants have died completely... I would highly recommend your product to anyone in need of an effective spot sprayer."

Mr. R. Bradley - Tiki Rd, RD1, Coromandel

Totally fantastic trader,superfast delivery and in person :)today I thought I put the product to the test and cleaned my whole toddlers room (Daycare)with it, it was great, crayons, paint, and who knows what all came off the walls and it looks super clean, all things that the centre commercial cleaning products couldnt remove!! thankyou so much for a great product that works!! AAA+++


Excellent trade - now there are no excuses to get the house cleaned before winter is here!

 (Re WOW Deodouriser)
Great trade! I love this product. Nicer smell that a lot of the other one,s I use. Will definitely buy another one soon

(Re LAST RESORT Carpet Cleaner)

Hey this cleaner is very very good,even got lipstick and ink out of my carpet, is there no end to this product's talents!


(Re WOW Deodouriser)
finally, a product that does what it says it will, the dog blanket no longer smells, the cat pee smelling carpet we inherited when we bought the house is gone... thank you


What a Super Trader. Paid on the day and arrived the next WOW super fast trading. Awesome boat wash. Thank you highly recommended to all.


Fabulous trader who went out of their way for us. Fantastic product, we turned it on and are now fly free 2 hrs later!!