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How Do I Clean My Windows Like A Professional?

How Do I Clean My Windows Like A Professional?

Professional window cleaners have a few tricks up their sleeves with only a moderate outlay of money to start their business up. Most people think window cleaners have some clever formulation they use to make the windows clean and shiny. But most of the times it is just watered down dish detergent. That’s it. So cleaning a whole building is very profitable. 

Some will add in products like rinse aid, an automatic dishwasher drying agent, to help lift stubborn grime and leave a streak free finish. 

There is also chlorinated window cleaner which also contains the standard ethylene monobutyl ether and also ammoniated.

These all giving varying degrees of cleaning power. Though if you have a large job the dishwashing liquid is the budget option.

White Vinegar is also an option with a combination of dish washing liquid and water. Just be careful around metal as it is an acid. If your windows turn out streaky cut back on the dish washing liquid. Mix up in a spray bottle of window bucket. Try the vinegar at a 10 to 1 part vinegar mix with a couple of drops of dish washing liquid. You could also add a bit of rubbing alcohol if you can get hold of it. Maybe try a bit of vodka. But don’t drink it if you are going up a ladder.

Remember less is more. You can always increase the concentration of the mix.

  • What Is the best Mop?
  • Mop eh? 

    I mean you have your spray bottle and pack of heavy duty handy towels. Spray and wipe off. Yeah nah.

    You need to MOP first.

    This is what you apply your secret formula with to the window. There is a choice. Cotton or microfibre. Cotton is ok, I mean if you aint fussy. But a Pro will use a microfibre. Glass is covered in tiny cracks which dirt infiltrates. A standard cotton mop just won’t budge this but he fineness of microfibre will. Your windows will sparkle more. 

    But you say, I live at Snells Beach, the salt air is really plastering salt all over my windows  and woah, what am I to do. 

    Luckily I am equipped to answer this and it isn’t white vinegar.

    See this

    These mops have an abrasive impregnation and will scour out the salt like bad water in India.

    So, dunk the mop in the window bucket, run your hand across mop to sheet off the surplus liquid then apply to window and rub it around.

    But if you real budget mopwise there is always the glomesh pads you can use to rip around with. The white is the most popular.


  • What is the best Squeegee?

  • Well, one that works obviously. The squeegees with cheap and pitted rubber just don’t cut it. They lose their effectiveness fast then you are left with random fine lines of secret formula on the window.

    You need a sharp and long lasting rubber blade which will compliment the formula and mop to give you a great finish. There is something pleasurable about running a squeegee around a window picking up all the moisture, almost as good as ---.

    Now there is an organised way to squeegee off your windows.

    See this..

    There is a pic showing the technique to remove the moisture and grime only taking the blade off the window once.

    It does take a little practice but it is easy to do after a few attempts. Then you can start a window cleaning business, employ lots of staff and pay the government all your money in taxes.

    But we are not finished yet.

    What you need now is a good quality microfibre cloth to run around the edges and soak up all the moisture left over in the corner and edges. As your squeegeeing gets better there will of course be less to remove.

    And there you have it, perfect windows.