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Shower Cleaning

How Do I Clean My Shower?
Generally you are either confronted with body fat and soap scum plus general muk the kids have the habit of finding. Or you have issues with the shower glass where it has a white discolourment in parts of it, generally where the water splashes too off your body.

This is a build up of calcium and lime from the water, often called water spotting.
Let us address cleaning this first. Some shower glass left too long in this condition is impossible to clean with cleaning chemicals. It will have to be sanded down with specialist equipment and even then there’s a 15% chance it can’t be remedied.

However before going to that expense try using our Shower Demon. It has a light acid base called phosphoric acid. It is incidentally used in a famous soft drink as well! Pretty scary!
Spray the Shower Demon on the affected glass and leave for a few minutes. Enclosed with the Shower Demon is a non-scratch scrub. Scrub the door down, rinse off and see what the results are. While the glass is still moist it will probably look fine, but you really have to wait until its dried off.
If there’s still signs of the calcium and lime, repeat the process.

If there’s little or no improvement you could try our Red Dog. It is a powder that you make up into a paste and slowly rub on, then wash off. It is also great on shower tiles if the grout is discoloured.
Just on the tiles, we have customers who clean their tiles with a wire brush in conjunction with the Shower Demon and it really brings the grout up well.

So after trying the Shower Demon or Red Dog there will be an improvement if not completely clean. The idea is to get at it early or if you have brand new glass, use the Shower Demon once a week just to maintain it and keep any calcium of lime build up away.

The Shower Demon can also be used as a general spray & wipe for the rest of the shower as well. It has a very pleasant long lasting fragrance and is very popular with commercial cleaners. This type of product is NOT found on supermarket shelves.

With body fat and soap scum, all you need are good quality cleaners to tidy this up. We have a couple of choices, the Shower Power which is used neat. Spray it on, leave for a couple of minutes and wipe off. This Shower Power is different from the Australian product found on supermarket shelves. Ours is specifically designed to remove these build ups and will leave you impressed.

Or you can use our Citrus Shower. This is the most powerful citrus cleaner on the market made from d-ilomene plus a special something. Spray on and wipe off. It comes as a 1 litres diluted spray bottle plus 250ml Buddy Pack to give you two more refills. It really hammers from body fat and soap scum. You can also use it anyway you have grease and fat in the kitchen.
We are sure 1 of the 3 mentioned products will leave you shower simply gleaming and smelling great.
If you have feedback on these products or something you can’t clean, just get in touch. Cheers Ian