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Why Citrus Cleaners?

Why clean with citrus? Or is the question why not clean with citrus?
This all round workhorse cleans pretty much everything from stovetops, rangehoods,  bathrooms, flyspots, benches and much move, even degreases engines.

So what are citrus cleaners made from?
The main base is d-limonene wich is the main product from the oil of citrus fruit.
It is also used as a dietary supplement, or as a fragrance ingredient and even as an ingredient for paint stripper. Also put into aftershaves. Strip your whiskers right off. Well just joking.
So anyway its pretty universal.

Of course there are a lot of citrus cleaners on the market so what makes them different?
Well some of course have more and better quality d-limonene in but for extra power we add in sodium metasilicate.

This gives the formulation extra cleaning power and also a greater dilution rate.

The trick with our product is to keep topping up the bottle you decanted the concentrate into.
When it starts to lose its cleaning power just add more concentrate.

Last ages this way.

So why not try citrus cleaners?