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BIO Urinal Blocks 4KG  Lemon Fragrance Kemsol GREEN

BIO Urinal Blocks 4KG Lemon Fragrance Kemsol GREEN

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(160 x 25gm blocks)

Bio Urinal Blocks have been designed for use primarily in urinals to clean and deodorise. They introduce microbes which consume odour-causing bacteria. They help to breakdown the build-up of uric salts that constrict the flow of wastewater through pipes.

DIRECTIONS Suitable for use in washrooms and toilets with offensive odour problems or slow draining/blockage problems. Place one block in each individual urinal, or one every 50cm in trough urinals. Replace when the block has dissolved to maintain ongoing efficiency. For optimal odour control around urinals, troughs and washrooms, spray the surrounding surfaces with KEMSOL Bacman and leave to dry. GREEN STANDARDS *Septic tank safe, when used as directed.