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Vacuum Dust Bags 4 pack Bosch  K34572

Vacuum Dust Bags 4 pack Bosch K34572

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Maintain your vacuum and keep your home or office clean with the Filta Vacuum Cleaner Bags to suit NZ vacuum cleaners. The unique SMS multi layered technology provides superior dust capture, ensuring you are always sucking up dirt and dust keeping your home or office clean

Activa 60-69, Alpha, BS7, BSA2000-2999; BBS1000-1199, BBS2000-2999, BBS5000-8999, BSC1000-1999, BSD1000-2999, BSF1000-1999, BSG7000-7999, Casa Ultra, BSGL32, BSGL132XLAU, Compact Star BS6, Compact, Compacta, Excellence 1300, GL-30 PROPOWER BGL3PWERAU, Formula 2000, Junior 600, Natura, Optima, Perfecta, Phantom, Powerline, Powermax, Pro Animeaux, Pro Parquet, Silence 1300, Silver Edition Solida, Solitaire, Speedy, Sphera, Winner, TORNADO RED BGL8ZOOAU , ZOO'O PROANIMAL BSGL5ZOOAU, Type 7 D/E/F/G/H/GXXL/H,TYPE 7, D/E/F/G/H, SUPER E, M, S, XS, XXS, XL, Dino, Modern Art, Silver Classic, Silver Soft VS10000-10999, VS50000-59999, VS69000-69999, VS70000-71999, VS60A00, VS62A99, VS63A01, VS63A06, VS63A08, VS63A09, VS70A00, VS79A99, VS70B00, VS79B99, VS32A, VS33A99, VS32B00, VS33B99, VS42A00, VS44A99, VS42B00, VS44B99, VS50A00, VS59A99, VS50B00, VS59B99, VS50C00, VS59C99, VS63A00, VS63A99, VS70C00, VS79C99, VS70D00, VS79D99, VS90A00, VS99A99, 23.0