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David’s GrapeGleam CarWash - Select Your Size

David’s GrapeGleam CarWash - Select Your Size

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Nice grape fragrance

Neutral detergent designed for vehicle cleaning. Whether used in a car washing machine or by manual application, it can be hosed off immediately after the vehicle has been cleaned and requires only air-drying. Perfectly safe on chrome work.

Enhances finish and gloss on all paint types. Ideal for hand car washing and maintaining vehicles between waxing. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It does not contain silicone. Most impressive in the fast removal of road grime; fume scum that may have gathered on paintwork and windows. Exceptionally economical.

Directions: Rinse off built up dirt with a strong spray of water..Dilute at 50ml to 5 litres of water. For best results apply wash solution with a car wash sponge and rinse with free flowing water.