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Enviropaste 550gm Natural Based General Cleaning Paste

Enviropaste 550gm Natural Based General Cleaning Paste

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general purpose cleaner…
Enviropaste is a biodegradable natural-based general cleaning paste with a light abrasive for cleaning all bathroom, janitorial and toilet areas where a deep manual clean better suits the surface, soiling type and soiling level.

Features & BenefitsNaturemade-Enviropaste
Natural ingredients*
Light abrasive action
ECNZ Formulation
Suits most manual-type cleaning environments
Light fragrance
Environmentally responsible
Directions for Use
Apply with a damp sponge or cloth with a gentle circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Secure lid when not in use.

Enviropaste leaves a lingering fresh fragrance and is ideal for stainless steel surfaces. We recommend test-spotting small areas to ensure compatibility, as this product has a light abrasive and could lightly abrade very sensitive surfaces such as highly polished stainless steel, some plastics, formica and wooden surfaces.

* Manufactured with oils from RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).