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Nationwide Cleaning Products | HAZE OFF Shower Glass Cleaner & Rejuvenator (1 Litre)

HAZE OFF Shower Glass Cleaner & Rejuvenator 1 Litre

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 HAZE OFF is a user-safe, non-caustic and non-chlorinated 
shower glass surface cleaner and rejuvenator. Brings ‘scaled’ 
and calcified surfaces back to near new. May be used selectively 
on other hard surfaces to remove heavy deposits. 

Squirt directly onto glass or onto a white non-scratch pad. 
Work in a circular motion with a light to moderate pressure 
to evenly cover and clean surfaces. Repeat or add more 
HAZE OFF as required. Caution should be taken not to use 
excessive pressure which could cause damage to some 
delicate surfaces. Once surfaces lose the ‘furry’ feel and begin 
to ‘squeak’, cleaning is complete. All surfaces being cleaned 
by HAZE OFF should be spot-tested to ensure compatibility.