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House Wash & Spider Treatment Combo

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After you wash your house with our awesome Jasons House Wash, spray on our Green Reaper Spider Treatment and stop spiders from returning to the eaves, windows. downpipes, etc.

For months!!

Made up of a 2 Litre Jasons House Wash and a 2 Litre Green Reaper

The House Wash - makes 80 Litres

Generally dilutes at 40:1 but make stronger if the building is very dirty.
Spray on and leave 10 mins then pressure wash off.

Or use it straight through your pressure washer

Biodegradable. No harsh chemicals.
House Wash is a unique blend of biodegradable chemicals designed to clean building exteriors, greases, oil, soils, mould, mildew and dirt. House Wash will not damage plants, and is safe on all painted surfaces.

1. Prevents the re-growth of fungi and moss.
2. Contains corrosion inhibitors.
3. Safe on environment.

The Green Reaper - makes 12 Litres

Use on Flies, Spiders, Mosquitos, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Carpet Beetles, Moths etc

Eliminate common insects and pests without the fear of danger to pets and children with professional strength Green Reaper Concentrate. Featuring a unique blend of botanicals such as citronella and eucalyptus, and an effective but safe concentration of Permethrin, Green Reaper adheres to surfaces for months after application to continuously control pest populations. This water-based insecticide is 100% EPA approved and contains no harmful filler ingredients.

1 part: Green Reaper Concentrate
5 equal parts Water