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Odarid Septic Tank Odour Remover  - Select Your Size

Odarid Septic Tank Odour Remover - Select Your Size

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Our new non toxic, biodegradable septic tank odour destroyer is the natural way to eliminate odours coming from your septic tank in just minutes and speed up the natural process of the bacteria consuming the organic matter. It works almost instantly at removing odours.

No harsh chemicals, no strong perfumes, no staining, safe to skin and the environment.

Our septic tank/long drop cleaner does not mask odour but uses natures power to completely destroy it. The product contains no biocides or poisons and is completely safe to the environment.

How does it work?

Our septic tank cleaner supplies large amounts of oxygen to the existing bacteria and turns it "hyper-aerobic. When this occurs the good bacteria "aerobic" instantly consumes the waste and pathogens while eliminating odours instantly. It will even breakdown toilet paper in just 6 hours.

During this process the product is consumed naturally leaves no residues. It is completely harmless to the environment

The product turbo charges the bacteria by supplying large amounts of chemically bound oxygen which activates the bacteria to such a level it consumes the organic matter very quickly and removes the odours instantly. (typically hydrogen sulfide gas)

Ideal for composting toilets, portable toilets, farm run off, grease traps, sewerage transport vehicles, animal waste holding tanks. Anywhere where organic matter is decomposing without oxygen and producing an odour (typically hydrogen sulfide gas)

It will also assist with unblocking clogged soak areas/fields and increase considerably the time between emptying the septic tank by reducing substantially the amount of organic matter (solids)

Add 400mls to 3 litres of water and pour down toilet or sink. Do this weekly or as required. If odour is particularly strong apply product twice a week to begin and then use as required.