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Pacer Powerclean POWERFUL Ammoniated Cleaner 20 Litre

Pacer Powerclean POWERFUL Ammoniated Cleaner 20 Litre

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A concentrated alkaline cleaner with added Ammonia for cleaning dirt, grease, grime,smog and industrial fallout. Power Clean is ideal to clean tyres, wheels, under bonnets, door jambs and engines. Power Clean is also ideal for cleaning floors, stoves, benches, baths, showers and toilets.

Directions: Always check first the surface to be cleaned for colourfastness by testing in an inconspicuous area. Use water to dilute Power Clean and then apply to the area to be cleaned so the dirt is penetrated. Agitate with a brush, rag or sponge before rinsing clean with water. Do not allow Power Clean to dry on the surface.

1: 4 Water: heavy cleaning
1: 50 Water: light cleaning
1: 20 Water: medium cleaning


Ammonia .910 Sodium Lauryl Ethoxysulphate Ethylene Glycol monobutyl ether Sodium Metasilicate Sodium Tripolyphosphate Potassium Diphosphate Cocoamidopropyl Betaine Triethanolamine Alkybenzene Sulphonic Acid