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Shower Cleaner Heavy Duty 5 Litre

Shower Cleaner Heavy Duty 5 Litre

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Green Rhino Shower Cleaner removes soap scum, mould & mildew, human oils & fats, easily & quickly with minimal effort to leave a sparkling surface & pleasant fragrance. It contains disinfectants to clean and deodorise showers in one easy step. It also contains long lasting mould inhibitors.

• Effective and powerful cleaner - Cleans, disinfects and deodorise in one easy step
• Effectively removes soap scum, body fat, dirt, oil and soils
• Kills mould and mildew
• Prevents mould from growing
• Leaves a refreshing eucalyptus scent
• Proudly made in New Zealand

MPI Approved C 37 (All animal product except dairy)

• Shower, bathroom, washroom, grouts
• Safe to use on plastic, stainless steel and ceramic

• Hospitality - hotels, motels, holiday parks, resorts, and apartments
• Education - daycare centres, schools, colleges and universities
• Residential homes
• Health - hospitals, rest homes / aged care centres, medical clinics

Dilute 1 part Shower Cleaner with 4 parts cold water or up to 10 parts water for light maintenance. Spray on to surface to be cleaned and agitate with a soft brush or cleaning cloth. Allow Shower Cleaner to stay on the surface for as long as possible without drying to break down the grime and then rinse thoroughly with large amounts of cold water. Do not allow to dry on glass surfaces.