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SIMPLE GREEN® Parts Washer Fluid 20L

SIMPLE GREEN® Parts Washer Fluid 20L

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A non-flammable concentrated degreaser for use with aqueous based parts washing machines

UNIQUE FEATURES • Not classified as hazardous according to Model Work Health & Safety Regulations and GHS Criteria • No special PPE requirements for handling (safe work practices are recommended) • Not classified as hazardous for transport • Non-toxic, readily biodegradable, non-flammable and non-caustic • Concentrated formula • The safer alternative to dangerous, flammable, caustic degreasers and solvents • Features Quick Break making it ideal to use in facilities equipped with an oil/water separator for waste disposal • 25 litres of concentrate makes 100 litres of product at a dilution of 1:3 • Made in Australia APPLICATIONS • Designed for conventional and rotating parts washers that use a water-based degreaser • Used liquid can be disposed of into oil/water separators that will reduce hazardous disposal costs • A multi-use product which can also be diluted for general cleaning and degreasing applications DIRECTIONS FOR USE Ensure your parts washer is engineered for water-based degreasers before using this product. 1. Mix 1-part Simple Green Parts Washing Fluid with 3-parts water to make correct fill level of fluid for your equipment. 2. If your equipment operates with 100 litres of fluid, pour the contents of the container into the fluid reservoir and then refill the container with water three times, slowly adding the water to the reservoir each time. Any foam will soon settle out. 3. Turn on power to equipment to operate. For used parts washers: 1. Turn off power 2. Remove all existing liquids from the machine 3. Remove all residue from all sections of the machine 4. Wipe all surfaces clean 5. Fill as directed above 6. Turn on power to operate 7. Always ensure your parts washer is in safe working order 

TYPICAL USES: Concentrated cleaner degreaser for use in re-circulating parts washing equipment and other heavy duty cleaning applications. See label for additional uses. SAFETY: No special PPE requirements for handling. Safe work practices are recommended such as the use of safety glasses, goggles or shields. PVC or nitrile gloves are suggested for individuals prone to dry skin.

Appearance ------------ Clear colourless liquid

Physical State ------------------------- ---- Liquid Flash Point ------------------------------ > 100ºC Boiling Point -------------------------------- 98ºC Freezing Point ------------------------------- 0ºC Specific Gravity ------------------------ 1.01-1.04 pH ------------------------------------------ 10-11.5 Odour ------------------------- No added odour Density------------------------ 8.34 – 8.67 lb/gal Water Solubility ---------------------------- 100%