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Telescopic Pole Miele 35mm x 900mm 80555

Telescopic Pole Miele 35mm x 900mm 80555

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The Filta to suit Miele telescopic pipe is great value. The Miele pipe has the nib connection for connecting with the Miele BEP as well ( 80326 ) & Miele floor tool  ML355

Applicable Models

Miele S381 Miele S711 Miele S771 Miele Cat & Dog Extra Miele S712 Miele S718 Miele Comfort Miele S760 Miele S710 Miele Tango Plus Miele S761 Miele S571 Miele S371 Miele S762 Miele Black Pearl Miele Electronic 1800 Miele S724 Miele S718-1 Miele S717 Miele S764 Miele S716-1 Miele S716 Miele S715-1 Miele S715 Miele S714-1 Miele S714 Miele S712-1 Miele S712 Miele S711-1 Miele S711 Miele S710-1 Miele S710 Miele S700 Miele S578 Miele S762 Miele S768 Miele S571 Miele S899 Miele Xtra Power 2300 Miele Xtra Power 2100 XL S Miele Xtra Power 2100 Miele Xtra Power Miele Turbo Team 300 Miele Turbo Team Miele Turbo Plus Miele Total Care 2000 Miele Total Care Miele Topaz Plus Miele Titanium Miele Tango Plus Miele Summertime Miele S858i Miele S771 Miele S858 Miele S849 Miele S848 Miele S846 Miele S844 Miele S838 Miele S836 Miele S834 Miele S828 Miele S826 Miele S824 Miele S812 Miele S800 Miele S799 Miele S572 Miele S570 Miele Allergotec 2000 Miele Electronic 1800 Miele Gold Metallic Power Miele Gold Miele Euroclassic Brillant Miele Euroclassic 3300 Miele Euroclassic 2200 Miele Euroclassic 2100 Miele Electronic Soft Touch Miele Electronic 8100 Miele Electronic 7100 Miele Electronic 5700 Miele Electronic 3850 Miele Electronic 3800 Miele Electronic 3700 Miele Comfort XL Miele Medicair 700 Miele Comfort Miele Cat & Dog Extra Miele Cat & Dog 800 Miele Cat & Dog 700 Miele Cat & Dog 2000 Miele Brilliant 8600 Miele Brilliant 7600 Miele Black Pearl 2000 Miele Black Pearl Miele Argento Miele Allergy Hepa 700 Miele Allergy Control 800 Miele Allergy Control 700 Miele Allergy Control 2000 Miele Jazz Plus Miele Medicair 700 Plus Miele S560 Miele Raffinesse Miele S388 Miele S384 Miele S382 Miele S381 Miele S380 Miele S378 Miele S376 Miele S374 Miele S373 Miele S372 Miele S371 Miele S370 Miele S360 Miele Platinum Metallic Miele Medicair 800 Miele Performance 2500 Miele Performance 2300 Miele Performance 2100 Miele Pearl Metallic Power Miele Parkett Plus Miele Parkett 700 Miele Parkett & Co 800 Miele Parkett & Co 700 Miele Parkett & CO 2000 Miele Noblesse Miele Mondia MX Miele Mondia Lx Miele Mixtura Miele Medicair 800 Plus Miele Xtra Power 2500