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Ultimate Cleaning TRIAL Pack

Ultimate Cleaning TRIAL Pack

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You get:
1/ 1 litre Kleen-Up, a citrus spray & wipe product which dilutes 30 to 1. Super in the shower.
2/ See-Thru 1 litre Glass Cleaner. The best window cleaner on the market works like a breeze. Dilutes 5 to 1.
3/ DisInfector Tutti Fruti Disinfectant 1 litre. Wow this product smells so good. Never smelt this one in a supermarket. Dilutes 20 to 1.
4/ Bowl Patrol 750ml. Top toilet bowl cleaner that not only works but leaves a super smell behind.
5/ Flowers of Jessica Deodouriser 500ml. Does more than masks smells as it has properties to work away and neutralise the pong. Great on animal smells, tobacco, alcohol, damp etc.